Assassin’s Creed III – unknown facts

The real fans of Assassin’s Creed ( I and II) were pretty amazed by the third game that has appeared taking into a fact that this one has actually lift up all the expectations. The landscape and the era have been changed and with them the story that comes with an American and other characters which play secondary roles.

Taking into account that the story is about the American Revolution, it is not wrong to think about George Washington, John Pitcairn, Thomas Jefferson and many others, and the stake in this games is the independence of USA and the destiny of the Mohawk Tribe. I have saw in some top rated online casinos slots that had this theme. Check out new casinos information to see where you can play them and which are the best online casinos to play.

The story takes place quite slowly, but pretty intense, it is a conspiratorial and transparent scenario which is not so surprisingly by complexity, but allures by strong belief of every Templar.

The player controls at the same time two heroes – in the first 4 parts the main character that is controlled is Haytham Kenway, a real gentleman who despite the fact he occupied its time with murders at the opera and destroying rebels on ships that have as a target the new continent, is strong and well intentioned. After a surprisingly twist we are thrown in the memories of Haytham’s sun with a Mohawk women, son named Connor.

The story actually gives this game a more appealing characteristic compared to the previous games mainly because it includes missions from the personal life of the hero and also from the American people.

At the same time I can state the fact that the Connor character is a strong one, a character that can define the good and the bad in a realistic way.

The graphic is a good one, the Parkour moves are even much easier to make, there are no lags. Of course, I recommend to be player on a controller (since the navigation and the orientation of the camera are optimized for the analog control), but luckily, playing using the mouse and the keyboard is not such a bad experience – as I said the graphics are good and the producers have invested good time in creating a high quality game.

When you are not busy with the main quest, you can actually do diverse actions like helping the artisans and then enjoy the results of your work, or you can go hunting and so on.

In big lines, this is a good game, is appealing, but at the same time a little tiring. Oh well, I recommend it and I really hope you will enjoy it!